Start Extended

Photo: Rob van Hoorn

A new group of Extended will start 30 September 2023.

Extended meets every Saturday between 12:00-14:00 from September 30, 2023 through January 20, 2024 (excluding school vacations).

Locations: Marres, House for Contemporary Culture and the Jan van Eyck Academy.

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Opening Goodbye to Love

Photo: Rob van Hoorn

With love, Marres would like to invite you to the festive opening of the exhibition Goodbye to Love: Conversation of all those whose lips are sealed.


Saturday 30 September




Marres, Capucijnenstraat 98, Maastricht

Featuring works by Hyesoo Park, Jinju Lee and James Webb, the exhibition Goodbye to Love addresses the ways in which we have become lost in our worlds, drifting with our memories, searching for anchors, dealing with loneliness and aching for comfort.

We hope to welcome you then!

More about Goodbye to Love

Plantiarchy Finissage/Pick-up day

Are you part of Plantiarchy because you collaborated on this fairytale exhibition? On Sunday, September 3, at the finissage, you as a creator, can come and pick up your plant, flower or branch between 03:00 & 04:00PM.

Between 04:00 & 05:00PM the paper forest will be further dismantled and everyone can take a piece of Plantiarchy home with them.

🌱 Plantiarchy finissage
Sunday, September 3
Makers: 03:00-04:00PM
Interested parties: 04:00-05:00PM

Plantiarchy is still on view through September 3, don’t miss this wondrous exhibition!

Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

Festival Maas! – Feel the love!

Share your stories about love and be part of the special exhibition Goodbye to Love: Conversation of all those whose lips are sealed (1 Oct 2023 – 7 Jan 2024).

During Festival Maas! on Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September, you can hand in items at Marres that will be on display in the love archive ‘Memorabilia of a Broken Heart’ by Korean artist Hyesoo Park. That one album that always makes you cry, your ex’s toothbrush, or a sweet note you’ve always kept. They will be registered so you can get your memorabilia back later.

Be surprised by our upcoming exhibitions, workshops and events and get to know Extended: the youth department of Marres and the Jan van Eyck Academy.

You can also find Marres at Bassin Beach on Saturday, Sept. 9.

Special Plantiarchy tour & workshop


Special Plantiarchy tour & workshop 

On Friday, July 14 at 02:00PM members of Sunflower Soup will give a tour and workshop at Marres.

Learn more about the story and special creation of Plantiarchy and then make a plant or flower out of paper pulp in the studio room.

Help grow the Plantiarchy and stop by!

If you have an entrance ticket to Plantiarchy, you’re welcome to join the tour and workshop. Children under 18 are free. 


Can we speak in flowers?*

During the workshop at Marres participants are invited to create flower arrangements and discover the secret language of the flowers by using a ‘Flower Dictionary’ to translate the flowers into words.

The workshop will focus on the ‘secret language of flowers’; Floriography. The use of this language was customary amongst a certain class of Victorians to present gifts consisting of flowers and plants arranged into bouquets to convey a coded message. Upon receiving one of these ‘Nosegay’ one could reference a Victorian society flower dictionary to de-code the message. Within these dictionaries, the language of the flowers is described in detail. Small conversations were exchanged with speaking bouquets.

Thank you for your interest in our workshop. At this time, all available seats are already taken.

*title of the workshop is a poem by Nayyirah Waheed

Sanne Vaassen

Sanne Vaassen is interested in how flowers have been used as carriers of messages for cultures, religions and nations. She investigates how these symbols have been developed, interpreted, taken over or adapted and forgotten.