08 Feb 2024

Extended_VMBO at Broeklandcollege

Students from Broeklandcollege in Hoensbroek participated in the Extended VMBO workshop series, a program inspired by Extended’s research into new sustainable materials for fashion and design.

The aim of these classes is to bring young people into contact with contemporary culture and issues by engaging with them in a practical way and developing their own ideas.

The workshop series started with a sensory introduction to sustainable materials. The students felt, smelled and named wool, hemp, cotton, paper pulp and polyester. They explored what the materials are used for and what processing steps the materials undergo.

During an interactive guided tour of the exhibition in Marres, the students sketch and gain inspiration for their own design object. They are inspired by the working methods of artist Yi-Jing and Vincent Dassi. Old paper is made into pulp with water. The pulp is then sieved and mixed with a durable glue. A workable material is created with which the youngsters create their own design.

In subsequent meetings at school, the youth worked on the practical implementation of their design and focused on the concept. Among other things, they created a desk lamp, drumsticks, a crown, pen holder and frisbee out of paper pulp, and from wool they prick-felted a bracelet, dog hat and a neptune trident, among others.

During an evaluation moment, students reflected on the creation process, their own design and the connection of sustainability and design.

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