23 Nov 2024 — 25 May 2025

Alejandro Galván

Photo: Neeltje de Vries, Courtesy No Man’s Art Gallery

Chronicle of Mexico

In November 2024, the artist Alejandro Galván (Mexico, 1990) will commence a painted chronicle of Mexico from the perspective of the largest slum in Mexico City. The artist resides in Nezahualcóyotl, at the outskirts of Mexico City, a place in which political neglect and violence issues have configured the social panorama. His often highly detailed paintings blend realism with mythology, narrating his experiences growing up in this environment, bidding farewell to his family, and depicting the corruption of the Mexican state and police. His style builds upon the great muralists, with a significant difference – his influences are drawn from television and heavy metal, sources that set him apart from the prevailing, more minimalist and conceptual style in Mexican contemporary art.

Lucid dream

The artist, holding Mexican politics and corruption responsible for the widespread violence and injustice in society, will paint the entire house of Marres in an attempt, as he writes, to outline a lucid dream of Mexican society. In doing so, he poses the following questions: How can we incorporate the most unique chapters of our history into a global narrative? How can we realize that our traumas and sufferings are shared, and that perhaps solving and overcoming global issues is a path that must be collectively trodden? With his work, Alejandro Galván aims to demonstrate that he and his fellow residents of Nezahualcóyotl are not ‘marginalized’ or ‘forgotten,’ but simply belong to a group of people with an unheard story. A story that shares fundamental similarities with the tales of people from other countries, cities, villages, or even times. The reason Galván paints is that he does not want any story to be lost.

Integral installation

To facilitate this monumental work, Marres invites the artist to begin working in November 2024, and the exhibition will be completed by June 2025. During the process, multiple openings will be organized for visitors, inviting them to participate in the creation of the integral installation. A publication will accompany the chronicle, featuring young writers suggested by the artist who grew up with him.

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Photo: Neeltje de Vries, Courtesy No Man’s Art Gallery


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