01 Oct 2023 — 07 Jan 2024

Goodbye to Love

Jinju Lee – Four Questions, 2019, powdered pigment, animal skin glue and water on unbleached cotton 202.5 x 437 cm

Goodbye to Love: Conversation of all those whose lips are sealed

Featuring works by Hyesoo Park, Jinju Lee and James Webb, the exhibition Goodbye to Love addresses the ways in which we have become lost in our worlds, drifting with our memories, searching for anchors, dealing with loneliness and aching for comfort.

Festive opening on September 30, 5PM.

Share your memorabilia and stories about love and join this extraordinary exhibition!

At Marres, you can hand in items and their related stories. They will be on (anonymous) display in the love archive Memorabilia of Broken Heart by Korean artist Hyesoo Park. That album that always makes you cry, your ex’s toothbrush, or a sweet note you’ve always kept. They will be registered so you can get your memorabilia back later.

Come in during the opening hours of Marres, House for Contemporary Culture
Tuesday until Sunday

Or visit the website goodbye2love.com to share your stories, memories or heart’s desires in a digital and anonymous way.


Hyesoo Park

Korean artist Hyesoo Park (Seoul, KR, 1974) has been exploring the complex contradiction Koreans feel between, on the one hand, the pressure to make a career and gain prestige and, on the other, having a fulfilling personal life, for years. Park’s work is often about emotions and especially about masking them. The exhibition features her work Our Joyful Young Days (2022) in which the artist interviews retired factory workers about their first loves.

For Marres, Hyesoo Park is currently preparing a new installation work consisting of stories, memorabilia and filmed interviews about love harvested in the Limburg region. For this, she developed the website goodbye2love.com where you can share your story or memorabilia.

Goodbye to Love
Hyesoo Park – Our Joyful Young Days, 2022, two-channel video, 25 min. Co-directed by Kang Yeeun. Commissioned by MMCA.

Jinju Lee

Jinju Lee was born in Busan, Korea in 1980. She received a BA and MA in Eastern painting from Hongik ­University, where she is currently a professor of Eastern painting. She uses in-depth observations about life and our reality to create detailed images of memory fragments or everyday objects that have symbolic meaning. Lee employs the techniques of Eastern painting that are used to depict details to create scenes that feel intensely foreign, but are actually grounded in the real world. They feature encapsulated memories, floating islands, and introverted landscapes inhabited by solitary figures who are both poignant and unsettling. 

Such Jinju Lee
Jinju Lee – Such, 2023, powdered pigment, animal skin glue and water on unbleached cotton, 44 x 34 cm

James Webb

James Webb was born in Kimberley, South Africa, in 1975. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an artist known for site-­specific inter­ventions and installations. His practice often involves sound, found ­objects, and text, invoking refer­ences to literature, cinema, and the mini­malist traditions. By shifting ­objects, techniques, and forms beyond their original contexts and ­introducing them to different environ­ments, Webb creates new spaces of tension. These spaces bind Webb’s academic background in religion, theatre, and advertising, offering poetic inquiries into the economies of belief and dynamics of communication in our contemporary world.

James Webb – I do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand worlds (13 views of the moon), 2019, photo by blank projects

Goodbye to Love is part of a series of projects exploring the place of emotions, physical interaction and intimacy in our current society. Previous exhibitions in this series were Intimacy (2015) and Museum Motus Mori (2019).