04 Apr 2024

Location: School of Business and Economics, Maastricht

Senses-Based Learning Symposium

Training the Senses: The Body Here and There
Photo: Rob van Hoorn

Senses-Based Learning will be hosting its second Symposium onĀ April 4th in Maastricht. It will feature presentations from the Senses-Based Learning core team and its ambassadors from the School of Business and Economics, and from the Psychology and Neuroscience faculty, as well as presentations from students and colleagues involved in research on senses and practitioners.

Within the program, Marres previously invited students to the exhibition “Opaque Spirits” as part of their research on perception. Marres collaborates with Maastricht University in the Comenius project to highlight the importance of sensory training across all university faculties.

This symposium serves as a platform to delve into the fascinating realm of sensory learning, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among participants.

Senses-Based Learning aims to explore the importance of sensory learning for university students in their professional practice. Senses-Based Learning does this by developing interventions and courses in the current curriculum, faculty wide. Marres participates in developing the assignments arising from the artists’ practice, in the form of art-based research.

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