Marres Movements | Christopher Tignor – Along a Vanishing Plane

Along a Vanishing Plane

Brooklyn-based composer, musician and software engineer Christopher Tignor performs his solo album Along A Vanishing Plane, featuring original compositions for violin, percussion, tuning forks, and software instruments.

“This music is first and foremost about what can be done together, live in a room, to both transcend and reclaim ourselves from the noise of public living. These songs offer wordless hymns and pulsing harmonic frameworks one might use to focus their own contemporary values. I wanted time back in electronic music. I also wanted the body back; our rituals begin with the physical. All sounds originate from me kicking a drum, playing the violin, or various natural percussion sources. I built software that lets me do all this. There’s so much space in this music, it’s just essential – listening to a phrase decay in the room before proceeding.”
-Tignor about the album

Christopher Tignor

A classically trained violinist since age 3, who has playing rock and roll since adolescence, Christopher Tignor (US, 1976) studied creative writing at Bard College, has an MS in computer science from NYU, and a PhD in music composition from Princeton. His experimental, electro-acoustic compositions and performance practice offer a stimulating confluence of European classical and American popular musical traditions.

Along A Vanishing Plane is listed on Spotify and available on iTunes.