Cultural infrastructure

Marres is one of six Dutch institutes for the experimental visual arts that is directly funded by the national government. It is also one of the few institutions in Limburg and the only one in Maastricht that exclusively focuses on exhibiting contemporary art. Marres’ program answers to the national agenda and regional profile for the arts. Marres’ projects aim to connect young makers to a wide audience, with specific attention to hard-to-reach target groups. Marres’ large-scale productions, its talent development project Currents, and its publications have international allure and are geared towards an international market. Marres also plays an important role in between the academies and the museum world in Maastricht’s chain of visual culture institutions.

De Zaak Nu

Marres is represented in the board of De Zaak Nu that represents all art institutes and art platforms for the experimental and contemporary visual arts in the Netherlands.

Stichting KOM

Marres is represented in the board of the central administrative body for cultural institutions in Maastricht. This body unites 32 small and large professional institutions in Maastricht in the field of art and culture.