Maastricht Tracks

audio walk

Maastricht Tracks takes you on a trip to some very special places in the middle of the city, invisible to most visitors but less than an arm’s length away: a trip into the parallel universe of sensations and imagination, contemplative in some parts, absurd in others.

This audio walk by artist David Helbich is a collection of eleven pieces for the ears, the eyes, and the rest of the body, performed in collaboration between you, the reader and the city. Maastricht Tracks is divided into a book and eleven audio files. Together they contain a set of instructions. With the help of your participation, it comes to life and actually begins to exist. You are the performer and the audience at the same time.

On Sunday 26 September, Marres and David Helbich will launch this new audio walk. Due to corona measures, there is only a limited number of spots available. You can register for this launch by pre-ordering a copy of the book Marres Tracks here for €20. After payment, your registration is final and the book will be waiting for you at Marres on the 26th of September.


  • 11.00 Coffee and cake at Marres
  • 11.30 Introduction by Valentijn Byvanck and David Helbich
  • 11.45 Start of walk
  • 13 – 13.30 Return to Marres


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