Maastricht Tracks

audio walk

Maastricht Tracks takes you on a trip to some very special places in the middle of the city, invisible to most visitors but less than an arm’s length away: a trip into the parallel universe of sensations and imagination, contemplative in some parts, absurd in others.

This audio walk by artist David Helbich is a collection of eleven pieces for the ears, the eyes, and the rest of the body, performed in collaboration between you, the reader and the city. Maastricht Tracks is divided into a book and eleven audio files. Together they contain a set of instructions. With the help of your participation, it comes to life and actually begins to exist. You are the performer and the audience at the same time.

  • We recommend buying one book per two people
  • You can borrow headphones at the Marres reception for a €50 deposit per headphone


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