Walking with Marres

Wandelen met Marres

Over the years, Marres developed several walks together with artists.

Frank Koolen made the audio walk Der Raufbold Tour in 2016, in which you follow the life of the renowned Maastricht artist, inventor and bon vivant Louis C. Smeets. Artist Sanne Vaassen developed In Search of Lost Time, a walk of scents that takes you into the history of Maastricht. With Wanderbuch, you step into the footsteps of the traveling craftsman and travel to the Dutch-German border region, where you will become acquainted with local techniques and traditions. The active and mildly absurdist audio tour Maastricht Tracks by artist David Helbich takes you on a journey to special places in the city. Lastly, the curious and associative Guide for the Senses maps a series of extraordinary scents, sounds and tastes in the city: from a panoramic view of the ENCI-quarry to a greasy snack at the market. All walks can be purchased in our online shop or at the Marres reception desk.

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Geurwandeling: Op Zoek naar de Verloren Tijd


Der Raufbold Tour

Geurwandeling: Op Zoek naar de Verloren Tijd

Scent walk: In Search Of Lost Time

Wandelingen - Wanderbuch


Wandelingen -Gids voor de Zintuigen

Guide for the Senses

Wandelingen - Maastricht Tracks

Maastricht Tracks