Marres Movements | Dario Tortorelli – Dance Improvisations

Marres Movements

Dance Improvisations

Can our bodies be invisible and present at the same time? How can we disconnect from the space we are in and at the same time give the impression that we belong? While visitors experience The Painted Bird, a dancer enters the exhibition space with the simple task of experiencing the space as entirely new and going through the motions of what in dance is called ‘training and transcending the body’: slow-motion bodies, projecting bodies, infinite bodies, traveling bodies, timeless bodies, visible and invisible bodies, transforming bodies, adapting bodies, transcending bodies.

Dario Tortorelli

Dario Tortorelli (IT, 1977) approaches dance through a process of visualization and the incorporation of images. He was trained as a classical and contemporary dancer at the Brenda Hamlyn School in Florence (IT) and the Centre de Danse Rosella Hightower in Cannes (FR). He was a member of the Ballet of the Opera of Nice and Introdans (Arnhem). As a dancer, choreographer and coach he has worked with Conny Janssen Danst (Rotterdam), Ann Van den Broek (Antwerp) and The Dutch Dance Days (Maastricht), among others. Together with Fred Bax he created the DIVEinD foundation to further his research as a choreographer and maker. In Dario’s work the body takes up a central role as a concrete entity that possesses physical and intuitive knowledge, and as a philosophical concept, an entity of transformation, which he explores through his alter ego character Romeo Heart.