Graindelavoix – Maastricht Cryptonomies


Graindelavoix developed a sound installation for Undertones in the crypt of the Basilica of St. Servatius. The Graindelavoix music collective was formed by Björn Schmelzer in 2000. The company performs worldwide and is renowned for its interpretations of European musical traditions. For Marres they worked on a new composition called Maastricht Cryptonomies in The Basilica of St. Servatius, based on the oldest office chants from the Netherlands, which are dedicated to Saint Servatius. In Maastricht Cryptonomies, Graindelavoix interprets the antiphons and responsoria of Saint Servatius. The medieval legend surrounding St. Servatius tells of how the saint’s body repeatedly disappeared from the Basilica’s crypt, only to appear elsewhere to perform a miracle. Graindelavoix sees parallels between the crypt and a sound box: a hollow chamber that exudes maximum resonance. The live performance of the composition took place on 22 July 2014.

Performers: Marius Peterson (vocals), David Hernandez (vocals), Jean-Christophe Brizard (vocals), Margarida Garcia (electric bass), Manuel Mota (electric guitar), Alex Fostier (sound), Björn Schmelzer (vocals and artistic director).