Frequently asked questions Limburg Biënnale 2024

On this page we have put together the frequently asked questions regarding the Limburg Biënnale and your participation in it. Use the index below to navigate to the various topics:

1. Limburg Biënnale 2024

The third edition of the Limburg Biënnale will take place from June 29th until August 25th, 2024

Marres (Maastricht) and Odapark (Venray) are jointly organizing the Limburg Biënnale. The previous 2020 and 2022 editions were organized by Marres.

The Limburg Biënnale is an exhibition of artworks selected from an open call which takes place every two years. The exhibition connects the professional with the amateur arts. Marres and Odapark invite everyone to submit work. Judging and selection is in the hands of professional artists.

Biënnales are biennial art events that can be held in different places, in this case Limburg.

The Limburg Biënnale primarily gives attention to anyone who feels like an artist from the province, but artists living outside of Limburg or even the Netherlands can also participate. Duos and collectives are welcome to submit existing work as well. Should you be selected, please note that you must bring and pick up your work yourself.

The jury and curatorial team consists of professional artists and is composed by a committee from both organizing institutions. The jury includes members from Limburg and beyond. 

2. Open Call

The Open Call will take place online from Feb. 19 to March 10, 2024. During this time, you can register and submit your work digitally.

From February 19, 09:00 am, Marres and Odapark will put an entry form on their websites. You can find the form on the exhibition page of the Limburg Biënnale. Through this form you can enter your details and the desired works.

No, registrations can only be submitted between Feb. 19 and March 10 using the online form. Entries submitted outside this period and by other means will not be considered.

You can submit any type of artwork; painting, video, sculpture, audio, performance, etc. Artworks that require  placement in outdoor space may also be submitted. 

Indicate the year the work was made, it can also be older work.

There are no maximum dimensions.

Each artist can submit up to three existing works. One work may be chosen by the jury and curatorial team, but sometimes even two or all three.  

No, only digital registrations through the online form will be accepted. 

Provide clear images! You can only submit a .pdf with a maximum size of 9Mb. Please note that if your work is selected, you will be asked for images for printing purposes. Make sure you have the correct crop and image quality (preferably 300dpi). In the second stage, .jpg, .tif and .pdf are allowed to submit.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered containing a copy of your information. Didn’t receive an email? First check your junk mail folder. If the confirmation has not arrived there either, please contact

In week 18 (April 29 to May 3, 2024), Marres and Odapark will send all artists who have registered an email: this will state whether or not your work has been selected.

When submitting your work(s) to the Open Call, be aware that your work must be available from May 31st till September 7th, 2024. Works that cannot be in Marres and Odapark this entire period can unfortunately not be included in the exhibition.

No, when you submit your work, be aware that it may be shown at Odapark and/or Marres, this choice is up to the jury.

If you submit multiple works (maximum 3), it is possible that one of your works will be shown at Odapark and another work at Marres. 

3. Assessment and jury/curatorial team

The submitted artworks will be judged anonymously by 18 jurors who also serve as curators.

The jurors/curators for this Limburg Biënnale are: Karina Beumer, Eugenie Boon, Katrein Breukers, Anne Büscher, Bonno van Doorn, Pablo Hannon, Jan Hoek, Paul Kooiker, Maartje Korstanje, Marijn van Kreij, Anouk Kruithof, Birthe Leemeijer, Fleur Pierets, Jan Rothuizen, Sanne Vaassen, Wessel Verrijt, Marenne Welten and Han van Wetering.

The team of judges consists of a mix of artists from Limburg and beyond. 

The jury members/curators are all artists. They each get a space in Marres or Odapark at their disposal which they decorate with their selected artworks. In addition, they also show a maximum of three of their own works.

No, the jury’s deliberations are confidential. 

No, the jury’s decision is final.

4. If your work is selected:
Handing in work

If your work(s) are selected by the jury, Marres and Odapark will contact you between April 29-May 3, 2024 regarding the submission of your works.

Yes, you must bring and pick up your own work. This is at your own risk. The submission dates are May 31st & June 1st at Odapark, and June 7th & 8th at Marres. If you are selected, you will receive a message with further instructions.

No, in the letter you receive about dropping off and picking up your work you will also  be given a location. It is important that you keep to this location. 

No, for the artworks that will be shown outside a few other arrangements apply. Outdoor works are only selected at Odapark, it is not possible to show outdoor works at Marres. The works shown in Odapark’s park are accessible 24/7. The work will be placed at your own risk and the artist has to take care of fixing and anchoring it.

All works are installed by a professional installation team. If your work is selected and it requires a specific method of installation, please email your instructions to

Works of art are insured up to a maximum amount of €500, which serves only to compensate for production costs.

Marres and Odapark do not offer climate control and UV-resistant glass. 

5. Compensation and admission

Yes, if you are selected, you will receive a €100 compensation.

The Limburg Biënnale is a hybrid project linking professional with amateur artists. The Limburg Biënnale has an open character and focuses on the participation of everyone who feels like an artist. For purely professional art commissions, Marres follows the guidelines for artists’ fees established by the Kunstenbond, Platform Beeldende Kunst, Beroepsvereniging Kunstenaars and De Zaak Nu, united in the BKNL.

The 18 artists who sit on this year’s jury and are asked to install a room at Marres or Odapark through an extensive selection procedure, will be paid according to the applicable guidelines. 

An expected number of over 200 artists with diverse backgrounds will participate in this edition of the Limburg Biënnale. Marres offers these participants an expense reimbursement. The Limburg Biënnale offers all participants the opportunity to sell their art.

Selected artists receive a card that offers 10 free visits to the Limburg Biënnale. They can use these for themselves but also for acquaintances.
The card is valid at both Marres and Odapark.

6. Selling your work 

Yes you can, but it is not required. A price list of the works for sale will be available at Marres and Odapark’s reception desks.

For works associated with a gallery, the artist should make an agreement with the gallery owner. 

If visitors are interested in a work, they can report to Marres and Odapark’s reception desks. They will mediate between buyer and seller. 

Marres and Odapark request 20% of the sale price, to cover brokerage and administrative costs.  

Marres or Odapark will contact you as soon as someone is interested in your work. The price and conditions are verified with both buyer and seller. When the sale is final, you will receive instructions for financial settlement from Marres or Odapark.

7. Other questions

Once the Limburg Biënnale is over, you can pick up your work at the following locations and dates:

Marres: August 30&31, 2024
Odapark: September 6/7, 2024

Contact Marres at