Currents #3 | Video 3

Marres presents the third episode of the annual exhibition series titled Marres Currents with work of recent graduates from art academies in the Southern Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. While offering emerging artists and curators a platform, Marres also aims to build an international infrastructure for talent development. The curators Ina Hollmann, Agata Jaworska, Eva Jäger and Guillemette Legrand present in this edition of Marres Currents the exhibition Sightseeing, dedicated to the many routes artists explore to reinvent the world.

With Carlos Alfonso, Darcey Bennett, Maud van den Beuken, Linde Boelen, Jan van den Bosch, Asieh Dehghani, Stef van den Dungen, Mirte van Duppen, Ivo van den Elzen, Bauke Evers, Alessandra Ghiringhelli, Mikaël Groc, Fanny Hagmeier, Anja Kempa, Eva L’Hoest, Denis Maksimov, Claudia Mann, Thomas Min, Roel Neuraij, Renan Schulze & Eline Kersten (Re-Collective), Charlotte Smet, Skye Sun and Gladys Zeevaarders.