Marres Movements | Hilde Elbers – Yeah but no but Yeah

Yeah but no but Yeah

Time and tides will wait for no man / between / ends and beginnings / the world enters / flowing in and out / an unending continuum / give me / edges / skin / boundaries to live in

‘Dealing with boundaries is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time,’ sociologist Paul Scheffer wrote. ‘How does that feel in its most personal and physical form?’ choreographer Hilde Elbers wondered. In an oceanic duet with dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi, Elbers faced the challenge of finding out how we can remain ourselves while merging at the same time, how we can disappear in form and formlessness and evolve together in the process. To what extent can we move along with one another? How fluid can a person become?

Choreography: Hilde Elbers / Performance: Judit Ruiz Onandi en Hilde Elbers / Repetitor: Sara Wiktorowicz / Dance intern /Understudy: Tess Brekelmans / Light: Ellen Knops / Sound: Arthur van der Kuip / Costume: Hilde Elbers / Costume advice: Lotte Milder / Dramaturgy: Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar / Production: DansBrabant

Hilde Elbers

Hilde Elbers (NL, 1979) graduated from the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg in 2003 en was a dancer for Conny Janssen, T.r.a.s.h., Itzik Galili, Constanza Macras and others. Elbers stands out as an idiosyncratic dance-maker who approaches human thoughts, behaviors and intuitive processes with a radical openness and in a physically extreme manner. In collaboration with dance developer DansBrabant, Elbers previously created The Animated (2014) and A Manual for Walking (2016).

Judit Ruiz Onandi

Judit Ruiz Onandi (ES, 1978) works as a contemporary dancer and as assistant choreographer for Hilde Elbers, Jelena Kostić, Dario Tortorelli, Krego-Martin Danza and WArd/waRD (Ann Van den Broek). Her approach to movement and the body is shaped by a growing interest in the connection between how we see the world and how it moves.