Company New Heroes: Yes, Please!


Almost fifty years after My Secret Garden, the groundbreaking book on erotic fantasies by Nancy Friday, it’s time for Yes, Please!, the largest research into erotic fantasies in the Netherlands and Flanders ever.

Inspired by Nancy Friday, Lucas De Man and Mariëlle de Goede set off to discover what people are fantasising about nowadays. The result is a liberating book in which everyone can find his or her erotic fantasy. Using thematic categories, the book shows a rich range of surprisingly frank, original and sometimes even moving stories. A must-read if you want to discover how erotic fantasies can enrich your life.

The book is only available in Dutch.

All the stories from the book were also part of the exhibition Yes, Please! at Marres in 2020.

Written by Lucas De Man and Mariëlle de Goede. With illustrations by Atelier Cambre.