Espen Sommer Eide: The Waves

Vinyl Album

In the autumn of 2019 composer and artist Espen Sommer Eide made the sound exhibition The Waves in Marres. The idea was to make both a spatial album and material for the exhibition.

In the year preceding the exhibition Sommer Eide recorded the album in Marres. He worked together with tuba player Martin Taxt and singer Mari Kvien Brunvoll. The album, the composer says, was not so much ‘made in for the house, but with the house’.

The pieces create a collective stream of consciousness that makes the spaces, the architecture and the history of the house tangible. In the shadow of the musicians, the audience experiences a musical journey that takes them from one room to another. Each song on the album has been specially created for a particular space in Marres. The name of the song is also the name of the room in question.