Sensing Art, Training the Body


Marres’ projects focus on the senses, the vocabularies of the body, and have an emphasis on experience. The publication Sensing Art, Training the Body highlights this exhibition and training program.

This book brings together a collection of 12 of the popular cahiers that Marres publishes for each exhibition between 2017 and 2021. Each presents a variation on the traditional visitors’ catalogue: some cahiers contain explanatory texts and images, others are picture pamphlets, and yet others take the form of a fold out art poster. It includes The Painted Bird (2017), Dreaming Awake (2018) and Museum Motus Mori (2019) and many others.

In addition to the cahiers, this publication also offers a broad selection of exhibition images and two new essays. Publicist Edo Dijksterhuis writes about Marres’ full-environment art installations and anthropologist and medical doctor Anna Harris writes about the Training the Senses program. Sensing Art, Training the Body forms a compendium to The Collection that compiled all the 11 cahiers between 2013 and 2017.

Sensing Art, Training the Body is available with five different cover images from five different exhibitions: Dreaming Awake (1), Museum Motus Mori (2), Marijn van Kreij: Nude in the Studio (3), The Floor is Lava (4) and Marres Movements (5) .