Gift card Marres Kitchen

Gift card

The gift card for restaurant Marres Kitchen is worth 25 euros. Marres Kitchen is Maastricht’s hip restaurant. Come and sample the special Syrian cuisine of chef Maher Al Sabbagh in the beautiful Marres garden. In addition to changing art exhibitions, the historic house of Marres has a large, beautiful city garden and the hip restaurant in Maastricht. During the day you can enjoy coffee, lunch or a glass of wine. In the evening, the stars of heaven are cooked by Chef Maher Al Sabbagh. In good weather, the garden is served. Maher was already in the kitchen at a young age; his grandmothers taught him cooking secrets from his seventh. From thirteenth he is in the kitchens of professional restaurants and patisseries in the Middle East. Maher has worked in Damascus, Beirut, Amman, Isfahan, Cairo, Rome, Sicily, Milan and recently in Rotterdam. He regularly makes culinary explorations looking for dishes from the ancient world.

Give a voucher for Marres Kitchen to someone! The voucher worth 25 euros Marres Kitchen is the famous restaurant of the Syrian Chef Maher Al Sabbagh. Come and taste his delicious dishes and enjoy the wonderful garden of Marres.