Cahierbook The Collection

The Collection, Marres exhibition cahiers 2013 – 2016



Marres produces cahiers for all its exhibitions. Each presents a variation on the traditional visitors’ catalogue: some cahiers contain explanatory texts and images, others are picture pamphlets, and yet others take the form of city plans, sketch collections or summer holiday books. Over the past years, these cahiers have found many admirers and collectors. Several are out of print.


For those interested in the full collection, Marres has now created an elegant compilation. The Collection contains the English language cahiers of 11 exhibitions from 2013 to 2016, including Ferran Adria: Notes on Creativity (2016), The Winter Anti Depression Show (2014), Undertones (2014), Levi van Veluw: The Relativity of Matter (2015) and many others. Designed by Ayumi Higuchi, the 290 page compendium includes a separate section with exhibition photography and features a special binding and a scented back cover.


For this wonderful compendium of exhibition history, Marres has also made a special, numbered edition of 250 books.