Out of Storage

Routes through the exhibition

In order for our visitors to see and appreciate the hundreds of artworks from the FRAC collection, several experts have devised specific routes through the exhibitions. At the entrance, you could choose one of these routes. Over the course of the exhibition, existing routes were updated and new routes were developed. When Out of Storage opens, the first four routes were available.

Every route presented a unique perspective on the artworks. You could choose to follow one of or more routes in order to be informed about both the artworks and their connecting elements, as well as the different perspectives on modern art.

There was a general route which presented the highlights from the collection of the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais. The well-informed visitor could also take a specialist route, for example the one which addresses some works from the Belgian art history in depth.

Over time, we presented new routes and with that, new perspectives on modern art of the past fifty years. A number of routes addressed certain responsibilities of collecting institutes, such as their collection policy or the restoration of modern artworks.

Paul McCarthy, Painter, 1995