Out of Storage

Workshops for secondary schools

Is that allowed? - Workshops for young people aged 14–17 about body, gender and identity

For Out of Storage different (museum) experts were asked to develop a route through the exhibition from their own perspective and which could be followed by everyday visitors. Young people aged 14-17 are experts about body, gender and identity and we are interested in their knowledge and experience. During the workshops one or two art works were discussed and different research methods were used to gather background information. There was space for an open talk about sensitive topics. Do you dare to let your class discuss the problems concerning the conservation of the sperm on the artworks of Philippe Meste?* Or do you choose to more closely research the presentation of the video “Respect” on the multicultural macho street culture of Erik van Lieshout?*

*The choice of the artworks is made in collaboration with the teacher.

Duration: 1.5 h Costs: € 4 per person, entrance free

4th year VMBO Bonnefantencollege Maastricht (picture Renske Noordhuis)