Out of Storage

Marres Books bookshop at Out of Storage

During Out of Storage, Marres Books had a small branch at the Timmerfabriek. The books sold there were related to the exhibition, such as the catalogues of the FRAC and monographs of the presented artists.

Marres Books is an independent bookstore with a collection that is built up around the Marres program, thus functioning as a reference library with a collection that focuses on the topics and positions of the research and exhibitionprogram of Marres, such as the Flaneur, the Dandy, the Collector and the Avant-Garde. Furthermore, Marres Books includes sections on photography, landscape and the visual arts and offers, next to arthistorical and theoretical classics, a nice selection of books from the discount section.

Marres Books bij Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture. Design EventArchitectuur